Slot Machines have been around sincerely the 1800s, and were original installed in casinos and saloon for use by those without winouts gambling knowledge to tackle the craps, blackjack, or daunting poker tables online casino.

Nowadays, Slot Machines are still in use the world over, Althouch online slots, or virtual slots, are proving to be an ever-growth internet hit.

Here are a few bits of information for well informed gambling:


In its first production, slot machines contained a series of drums, which rotated around a main cog at varying speeds. The drums would slow down until eventually coming to a haht, and the winnings were decided by the ‘payline’.

This payline is still in use today but has been converted to video reels, and has increased from a single horizontal line, to a series of multiple horizontal and diagonal lines which provide various combinations of betting tactics and payofffs.

Modern Paylines are able to produce over 50 combinations of results from a single spin.


A Pay Table Shows the Player What the Winning Combines are, how much they are bet will garner, and the hierarchy of the hands. Traditionally, the pay table would be printed onto the face of the machine for easy reference. These days the pay table is generally available at the push of a button, especially on online or computerized slots.

Random Number Generators

Today’s Modern Slot Machines Select the Next Combination with the Use of a Random Number Generator. The Number Generator Runs Whether the game is in use or not, and generates Thousands of Variations Every Few Seconds.

Near Miss Programming

You MIGHT HAVE HEARD some people referring to a machine as ‘hot’ or ‘spending’, by this they mean that the player on the machine is on a winning streak. Altogh Payouts Do Flucturate, The Random Number Generator Keeps The Machine from Either Paying Out Too Frequently, or Not Paying Out at All.

Near miss programming is the process of calculating a series of low-winning combinations, and then running them at a certificate time. For Examples, The Player Might Be On An Upward Streak and Hit One Number Short of the Jackpot Prize. The Player May also hit a high-winning combination, but only while betting the minimum credit.


Even though the programming in the modern slot machine can be edited and manipulated, there are laws in most country to keep casino owners from short changing the unsuspecting players. The Payouts must be Within Certain parameters depending on the government. For Example, New Jersey has a legal limit of 83% while nevada has a better percentage for players at 75%. These figures are finished between 82 and 98%.
These percentages cannot be aliered to suit the casino’s pusier or queter hours.