Home Loans are as diverse as the housing market itself. In order to secure the absolute best home loan, you should contact your local bank and discuss your intent on purchasing a new home. Once you have discovered your vast options to securing a home loan that fits your budget and monthly payment structure, you are given a pre-approval letter that will assist you in convincing a homeowner or builder that you are in a position to purchase.

Home Loans and pre-approval status can make home buying so stress free that you will thank yourself over and over for adhering to these 10 simple, yet important steps toward purchasing your new home Car Loans.

1. Get pre-approved for a Home Loan First

2. Choose a real estate agent and find your new home

3. Once you choose a new home write an offer to purchase

4. Give earnest money to show your intent to purchase

5. Choose a lender that has the Home Loan that fits

6. Conduct a home inspection for any seen or unseen problems

7. Write a repair list. Get the seller to make needed repairs

8. Get home insurance to assure you are covered from the minute you are the owner.

9. Make a final walk-through to make sure everything works properly before closing

10. Close the loan and enjoy your home.

Home Loans can be made to increase your buying power if you are short on available cash, if you have a good credit score and yet very little money to put down, you can opt for a 100% Home Loan and still acquire the home you have chosen.

So many times the bank or home loan lender fails to ask your long term intent with your home purchase. If you plan on acquiring a first home, this will not be the home you spend the majority of your life. Therefore you should explain to your lender, that you wish to find a home loan that fits your purchasing intent and the term you plan on living in that particular home.

Home loans for short term living in a particular home are much different and can provide you with much more choices in home loan options.